Thursday, May 23, 2013

Organization Projects

I know it's probably a bit early to start thinking about things for nest school year, but what can I say.. I'm gonna be a new teacher at a fairly new school, and a whole lot of prep work to do in terms of classroom organization/setup. I was going through Pinterest for ideas for my classroom next year and found a pin about a "teacher toolbox"...basically a way to help keep all your stuff organized in the classroom, so I went and made my own based off of the pin... I'm quite sure many of you have probably already seen something like it but I got excited because I love things that keep me organized. I blame my OCD tendencies for that. All it took was a storage unit that you can get at Lowes and whatever pretty/fun paper you want to use... extra bonus... all together the thing cost less than $20 to make. Here's how mine turned out:

After I got my toolbox done, I found myself back on Pinterest and before I knew it, I started another project for my classroom for next year... it's a way to give the kids some extra storage... You use the Home Depot aprons (which are awesomely priced at 77cents each). Now most of the pinterest posts (I somehow can't find the pin I used, but as soon as I do, I'll add the link to it here) with this I saw used the aprons as they were and they tie them to the backs of the kids chairs... that way they have a place to keep books reading handy when they finish work early. But personally, I dont wanna see the Home Depot logo all over my classroom...especially since I'm gonna be having 25 kids in my class. It's nothing personal against H.D., but their logo is not gonna match with whatever theme I choose for my classroom. Also, I'm not sure I want mine tied to the kid's chairs, so I added grommets to mine so I can use 3M hooks to attach them to the sides or fronts of the student desks depending on how I set them up, but for now I'm also leaving the ties on in case I do wanna tie them to the chairs. Also, to cover up the H.D. logo, I picked up some fabric squares and some no sew fabric tape and voila... my version of the storage aprons are complete... now, to do the actual class set once I pick out fabric that coordinates to my class theme (whatever it ends up being)...
Let me know your thoughts about the projects, and if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share in the comments!
--- Stephanie

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