Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Day In My Room...

It's August 1st, which means we were FINALLY allowed into our rooms today. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to do much because the janitors still have painting and floor cleaning to do, so until that is all done, we aren't allowed to do any desk set up, wall decorating, etc. I did take some pictures of my room in it's before state and thought I'd share them with you. I'll take more tomorrow when I go back to work and build my bookshelves and bulletin boards, and of course once we are given the all clear to set up I'll take some then as well. But for now, here's my room as it was when I first got in this morning.

First room from outside my door. I was originally supposed to be in room 49, but got told this morning that they switched my room and put a 5th grade class in 49. I was a little bummed because 49 was a corner room near the bathrooms, but the fact that I'm in room 47 and the number 47 was my sorority number makes me all sorts of happy.

This pic is the view from right inside the doorway. Way in the back you can see my storage closet and my file cabinet. The piles of student desks and chairs are hiding my teacher desk. I do plan on keeping those three items where they are located now because I like the idea of having a little teacher's nook. You can also see the rain gutters the previous teacher put along the bottom of the whiteboard to display books. I've put in a request to have those removed because I really won't use them and they are already kind of falling out of the wall on the one end.

Here's the view of the front of the room from where I plan on putting my classroom library. You can see my teacher desk a bit better from behind the student desks. Also, I plan on using the side of the file cabinet as my display space for my kiddos brag tags.

This is another view from what will be my class library to the other side of the room. In the far corner where the black wheelie chair is, I plan to move the two book shelves that house all of my curriculum materials (you'll see those in the next picture). The horseshoe table I'm on the fence about. I've asked about possibly having taken out of my room, but we'll see... it's all going to depend on space availability once I get my room set up how I want it.

And here is the last spot in the room I have to show you...where I plan on putting my library. The vinyl letters were put up by the previous teacher, but I do like what is says. The janitors may or may not remove them when they come and do whatever painting they have to do in my room. We'll see. I'll be okay either way because I can always just design a poster through Vistaprint with the same saying. The computers will stay where they are (obviously they will get pushed up against the wall though) and the bookshelves in this picture are the ones that I will be moving to that other corner. The shelves I bought today will be the ones I put into this corner. I'm also stopping at Walmart on my way into school tomorrow to see about picking up a rug for this area. And, at some point in the relatively near future, I'd like to get a bean bag or two for my library area. 

So that's my room as of now. Let me know what you guys think/any suggestions you have for set up...this is my first year doing all of this so I'd love to know how you all set up your rooms too!

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